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SEO for Magento Websites

You’re trying to get your Magento eCommerce store found by customers in need of your products, and your customers are trying to find you. The missing link? A tailored SEO strategy for your Magento website from Melbourne’s leading SEO agency.

Think about your business. Are you ranking well enough for the right keywords relating to your products? Are you ranking at all with queries entered by qualified customers? Retailers often make the mistake of spending so much time concerned with shopping behaviour analysis, conversion rate optimisation, and the variety of new payment platforms available, before they even consider how to drive quality, organic traffic to their website. It is critical that if you have a Magento 2.0 eCommerce store, you stop to evaluate how the elements within your website and user experience are affecting how you rank on Google and other search engine result pages.

Unfortunately, with all of the technical variations and updates across the technical landscape, it can feel impossible to make the right decisive decisions to drive more online sales (and revenue) from your store. Luckily, Balmer Agency was founded with the ambition of providing clear, simple, and effective services to help businesses throughout Melbourne drive highly volumes of engaged traffic to their store, resulting in real results for their business.

What is Magento?

In order to get your eCommerce platform up and running, Magneto is an eCommerce platform built using open-source technology. This provides business owners using this platform with access to flexible shopping cart systems, and highly customisable features, so merchants can assemble a digital storefront that matches their offerings and visions. To further aid in establishing a successful online store, Magneto also offers extremely powerful marketing qualities, search engine optimisation, catalogue management tools, and compatibility with popular payment platforms like Afterpay and Google Pay.

Why do you need SEO for Magento websites?

Before you even thinking about user experience, shopping behaviours or conversion rate optimisation (CRO), you need to consider how you are going to get the potential clients interested that are high-quality, engaged, and in need of your products and services. Whether it’s a shopfront on a Melbourne high street, or a fully customised online eCommerce store, product sales and revenue are dictated by the amount of traffic entering the business. Online retailers can therefore not afford to forgo including proper SEO in their overall marketing strategy. Got a Magneto eCommerce store? Done right, SEO can help your business climb to the top of the right search engine results pages – and by extension, the right audiences. After all, bringing people to your business is the hard part. Once they are there (and keep coming), you can begin to analyse how they interact with what you offer and make changes accordingly to boost the performance of your business. 

Why Balmer Agency for Magento SEO?

Business follows attention, and ever since savvy entrepreneurs realised search engines were going to be essential for modern business, SEO has become an ever-changing endeavour that constantly grows more intricate. It’s all about understanding various markets, differentiating between competitors, and experimentation to attract Google’s algorithm to rank your business higher. 

You need to keep updated with new methodologies, conduct consistent research, split-tests, monitoring, and adaptation – as a business owner, there isn’t a lot of time left over to actually run operations. 

Fortunately, Melbourne retailers can rely on Balmer Agency for effective SEO strategies for their eCommerce stores. Our team of experts understand the importance of designing website with key foundational SEO best practices, applying an agile, strategic approach to boost clients in front of keen audiences. All of our efforts are open and transparent to ensure we align with your brand consistency and build a strong online presence for your products and services. 

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Our SEO Services:

Web Audit
Mobile SEO
Keyword Research
Product Content Optimisation
Heatmap & CRO
Linkbuilding & Outreach
Product Schema and Rich Snippets

Our Guarantee

All our websites are designed with SEO best practises in mind, giving you the strongest foundation for success.

We have developed an approach that is in equal parts agile and strategic to ensure we are able to keep up with ever-evolving digital landscape.

We offer our clients complete transparency, leaving the jargon to the cowboys and letting the results speak for themselves.

The number of keywords on page 1 has doubled from 10 to 20 in just four months. Since SEO has been incorporated into the marketing plan, traffic to the site has increased to 73.9% (from 21%) and search visibility from 5.06% to 29.02%. – JOST AUSTRALIA


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Jessica Campbell, National Relationship Manager, Far East Consortium

FEC has been working with Balmer for 6-months and the results have been well above our expectations. We have increased our social media audience by 74%, website traffic by 183.15% and achieved an avg. of 92 enquires per month.
We absolutely see Balmer as an extension of our marketing team!

Matt Sampson, Founder & Director, uTenant

I reached out to Balmer Agency to launch my new business venture, and they have been instrumental in launching and marketing uTenant. I have felt as though their team is part of my own team, as they are great collaborators, seamlessly sharing their knowledge and marketing expertise for uTenant exactly as I envisaged. I would highly recommend Balmer Agency to anyone wanting marketing and communications services with friendly support and professional advice.

Peter Anderson, CEO, Victorian Transport Association

Balmer Agency have been our trusted online advisors for over three years, providing high quality consulting services and operational solutions in a time when our organisation experienced rapid change and growth. The Balmer team provides dedicated support on our digital marketing requirements.

James Mackie, MD, JOST Australia

Balmer Agency has helped us implement marketing initiatives that have transformed a number of our business processes, delivering efficiencies across the board. The team have been easy and fun to work with, and their assistance in localising our global marketing assets to support our region has been invaluable. We look forward to a continued partnership with them.

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Luke Sartori, Owner, Jetport Airport Parking

We enlisted Balmer Agency to help leverage social media platforms to increase bookings, build brand awareness and our online footprint. They are easy to work with and deliver great results.

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Richard Coloretti, CEO, Edgewise Insurance Brokers P/L

Partnering with Balmer has been a seamless process. Their approach is consultative and transparent and we appreciate their ROI driven approach – particularly given our results!


SEO for Magento is the process of implementing strategic practices into a Magneto eCommerce store that will influence higher ranking positions on search engines.

While both platforms are for eCommerce stores, comparing Magneto and WooCommerce doesn’t result in a simple ‘who is better’ – it’s more ‘who is better for me’? On the surface, WooCommerce is a hearty plugin for WordPress websites, filled with custom features to build out an online store, and Magneto is more designed to service web development professionals working on medium to larger eCommerce stores (with even more features introduced with Magneto 2.0). WooCommerce is completely free (as long as you have WordPress & your own web host), whereas Magneto only offers a free community version alongside their premium services (hosting included). Both offer various extensions, and when it comes to security, WooCommerce is relatively basic, whereas Magneto offers more advanced systems to protect your store. The decision boils down to what is right for your business. is an incredible platform. While you can still build a WordPress website using popular hosting platforms like GoDaddy, Pressable, and Nexcess, WordPress even offers premium hosting along with security and backups. Without additional SEO strategies, however, alone won’t actively assist your website to climb search engine result pages any more than it will your competitors. However, as a platform, it is incredibly more compatible when implementing SEO best practices amongst its many features. Request a FREE SEO audit by filling out an online form to learn more. 

Determining whether Magneto is better than Shopify will depend on the needs for your online store. Shopify has a wider variety of responsive store themes to choose from, whereas Magneto have a flexible platform with customisable options and support for users. If you need something quick and simple to support a small online eCommerce store, Shopify might be the way to go, whereas if you have a larger demand, Magento – and the extensions now available from Magneto 2.0 – may hold your business in better stead. 

As of June 30, 2020, Magneto stopped providing support for Magneto 1, in place of Magento 2.0. 

Magento 2.0 now supports MySQL Percona 5.6 and greater, as well as added technologies including NGINX, Varnish, and Symfony. New technologies permit Magneto 2.0 pages to be more optimised for faster delivery and reduced response time (page loading speeds are 50% faster on the homepage and product pages, and checkout is 38% faster). Magento 2.0 also performs far better on mobile devices, with the themes more responsive and the checkout optimised for smaller devices. 

Improving the SEO of a Magneto eCommerce store revolves around several core practices. Content is king, which means search engines will crawl through websites looking for phrases (or ‘keywords’) that are included in or are relevant to a search query. Conduct ample research on what keywords are being searched in relation to your industry or products. Also refine the meta data on your website (title, descriptions, Alt text, canonical tags etc.) If all of this sounds a bit overwhelming, contact our friendly team who will be more than happy to go through it with you. Request a FREE SEO audit by filling out an online form today.

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