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Google Ads Management

Let our Google Ads specialists help you run a high-converting campaign.


What is Google Ads?

Google paid search, or Google search advertising, refers to ad placements businesses can secure within Google search results. Google search advertising follows the PPC (pay per click) advertising model where advertisers are charged for each click their ad receives. Google Ads are drive traffic to your website, directing users landing pages, typically service pages or product pages on e-commerce sites.

How does Paid Search work?

Google Ads are a popular form of paid marketing for all types of businesses, due to their precise and strategic targeting. Your paid ads will target potential customers based on keywords or search queries that are relevant to your products/services.

E.g. If someone searches ‘flowers Melbourne’ they will be served paid ads for florist shops or flower delivery services within Melbourne. As Google Ads have the capability to target audiences with high intent, they can drive sales, increase revenue, and have an impressive ROI.

Why do you need Google Ads management?

For a successful Google Ads campaign, you’ll need to invest in more than just the initial strategy and campaign set up. Variables such as bidding strategies, budget allocation and target keywords will need to be adjusted throughout the campaign based on performance in order to ensure you get the most out of your budget.

Google AdWords campaigns need to be monitored and managed by experts who can identify when and where optimisations should be implemented.

Why use Balmer for Google Ads management?

At Balmer Agency, we can help you manage your Ads campaigns from start to finish. Beginning with thorough industry research and keyword planning, we can help you devise a PPC strategy to meet short and long-term business goals. Following campaign set up, we keep a close eye on the performance of your ads and execute ongoing optimisations that result in more meaningful clicks and conversions.

Our Google paid search specialists also provide frequent reports and updates, so you know when and how your money is being spent. We guarantee absolute transparency so you can see the true value of your Ads campaign.

Our Google Ads Services

Keyword research & planning
Text Ad & Bid optimisation
Budget Management
Competitor Analysis
Tactical campaign optimisation


    Search advertising works based on keywords. Advertisers have the opportunity to bid on keywords that are relevant to their company’s products/services, so that their ad will appear to customers who search for those keywords. Search advertising follows the PPC (pay per click) advertising model where the advertiser is only charged when somebody clicks on their ad.

    A Google Ads campaign can help you find potential customers who are searching for the products/services that your business offers. This means that you can reach audience groups with high-intent and greater likelihoods of converting. A successful campaign can help you increase brand awareness (much like SEO), website traffic, sales and revenue.

    The cost will depend on the competition within your industry for your target keywords. If there is high demand for your chosen keywords, the Cost Per Click (CPC) for your Google Ads will be more expensive. It is also beneficial to invest in Google AdWords management services so that your campaign is performing to the best of its ability.

    For every dollar a business spends on Ads, they can expect to make two dollars in return. That’s a return of double the campaign cost – making the Google platform a popular paid marketing tactic for businesses of all sizes and industries.

    Asides from Google Ads, there are other search advertising options. For example, Google Shopping is another viable advertising opportunity for e-commerce businesses. There are also other search engines such as Bing that offer paid advertising.

    After a person clicks on your ad, they are directed to your website and to a specific landing page. The page should be designed to capture the user’s interest quickly and get them to take action. That might be to sign up for a product launch, buy something, or express their interest in your services.



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