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Pay Per Click

Our range of PPC services will get your business noticed and increase revenue, all while getting most out of your budget.


What is PPC?

Pay per click advertising (PPC) is a common model of digital advertising where advertisers are charged for each time their ad is clicked on. The pay per click model is used by search engines such as Google and Bing for their search engine marketing (SEM) offerings. Pay-per-click ads is typically traffic ads, that drive traffic to the advertiser’s choice of the landing page.

Why do you need PPC?

PPC is one of the most cost-efficient forms of digital marketing, and when done right, can yield impressive ROI. PPC is a great option for both B2C and B2B businesses and include a range of paid advertising options from Google AdWords to display advertising. PPC can help fulfill a multitude of business goals from growing your share of voice within your industry, to increasing sales and revenue through your e-commerce store.

PPC Benefits

One of the major benefits of PPC is the ability to create ads with precise targeting based on demographics, devices and usage habits, interests, best performing placements, and relevant keywords/topics/queries. PPC paid ads can also be implemented alongside an organic SEO (search engine optimisation) strategy or paid social advertising for impressive results.

Why work with Balmer for PPC?

At Balmer Agency, our team of Google paid search and display advertising specialists can help you devise and implement a comprehensive and multi-faceted PPC strategy. From start to finish, we ensure that the campaigns are performing to meet your business objectives. Our PPC specialists keep up with the latest search engine updates, keyword trends, and more, possessing the expertise and capabilities to target audiences at all stages of the sales funnel, including high-converting audiences that are ready to make a purchase.

Our PPC Services

Google Paid Search
Display Advertising
Google Shopping

Google Shopping

If you want less wasted clicks and increased conversions, Google Shopping is the way to go. Our Google Shopping specialists won’t just get your products on the search results page, they’ll get them noticed. Working closely with our creative team to combine strategy with product images optimised to turn clicks into sales.

Google Paid Search

Every business wants to drive traffic to their website but in the digital world competition is fierce. Google Ads’ Paid Search is a great way to get your website and products in front of users already searching for businesses like yours. Our Google Paid Search specialists know how to secure your business that prime position, delivering your ads on brand and within budget.

Display Advertising & Remarketing

In the same way a billboard or an advertisement on a bus shelter does, Display Advertising allows you subtly reach consumers as they go about their day. Our two-pronged approach means visitors who don’t convert straight away will be remarketed to as they continue browsing the web, enticing them back with tailored ads they can’t help but click on.


    PPC stands for pay per click. It refers to a model of digital advertising where advertisers pay a fee to publishers each time a potential customer clicks on their ad.

    There are several types of PPC ads you can opt for including Google Adwords (ads that appear in Google search results), Bing ads (ads that appear in Bing search results), Google Shopping ads (where your products and services appear in the ‘shopping’ tab of Google search results), display ads (where your ads appear in various placements across a wide network of websites), and remarketing ads (where your ads appear to people who have visited your site in the past). Most PPC ads are traffic ads, meaning that they direct the user to a landing page of your choice.

    Once you have a Google ads account, you’ll have a handful of impactful ad placements at your disposal. This includes Google AdWords (where your ad appears at the top of Google search results pages depending on what keywords you choose to target), Google Shopping (where your products are featured in the ‘shopping’ tab of Google search results depending on what keywords you choose to target), and display ads placements through the Google Display Network (spanning millions of websites across the world, reaching 90% of internet users). The placements you choose to use will depend on your business goals, along with the behaviours of your target audience.

    For search engine advertising such as Google AdWords or Google Shopping, ads are set up based on target keywords, whereas display ads are set up based on target demographics. In order to start your PPC campaign you will have to determine a monthly budget which will then be allocated towards various ad sets within your campaign. At Balmer Agency, our experts keep a constant tab on your campaign, adjusting your budget allocation to ensure you get the best results for your money

    It is not possible to give a general estimate on how much a PPC campaign will cost. The price of PPC ads will depend on the level of competition for relevant keywords within your industry and location. To determine an ideal budget for your campaign, we can do an audit of your business and industry landscape – contact us today.

    For every dollar you invest into PPC, you’ll typically receive almost double in return. However, we aim to exceed the average results, and aim to yield an even greater ROI.

    Investing in PPC can help you meet your business goals – from building brand awareness amongst your target audience, to increasing sales through your online store. We’ll design your PPC campaign around your goals to ensure that it is truly adding something of value to your business.

    SEO refers to the organic activities we undertake to increase your ranking on Google search results, including optimising the structure and content of your website. While they both have something to do with where your business appears on Google search results, PPC falls under the SEM (search engine marketing) category. Unlike SEO, SEM refers to the paid advertising opportunities available to businesses, including PPC Google AdWords and Google Shopping placements



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