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Our data-driven SEO services can help get your chiro practice in front of the right audience, earning you high-quality bookings and patient referrals.

Personalised SEO Campaigns for Chiropractors

What is Chiro SEO?

Receiving a consistent stream of new clients is important for all healthcare providers. As a chiropractor, you may find it difficult to attract the right audiences to your business, and have recently seen the number of enquiries begin to diminish. After COVID, it is also likely that many of your regular clients were forced to end their regular appointments, and your list of potential patients struck with a stream of booking cancellations, unless you could pivot to offer telehealth or online alternative services. This undoubtedly caused a sizeable portion of your yearly profits to be eradicated. Meanwhile, more competitors appear to be forming throughout the industry, diluting your market share and causing more stress for the longevity of your clinic. It is situations like this causing many Chiropractors to look to SEO in an attempt to improve their business growth.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the manipulation of various elements of your website and digital platforms to improve your rankings on popular search engines, such as Google and Bing. Through a mixture of keyword research, content and technical optimisation, and ongoing outreach, your brand can receive a much-needed boost with greater visibility and awareness amongst the audiences that would benefit from your services. Attempting to do this yourself can be time-consuming, and will require a great deal of trial and error, wasting both your resources and your first impressions with various potential patients. Fortunately, you can partner with an SEO agency dedicated for chiro clients to help you get a head to start on the rest of the market, now the country is opening back up.

Why Balmer for Chiro SEO?

At Balmer Agency, we have a wealth of experience building high performing SEO campaigns for chiropractors across Australia. We create well-rounded, holistic solutions that help your business cultivate significant improvements in traffic, visitor engagement, and ultimately a higher number of bookings, with performance measured by the return on your investment.

What are the Benefits of SEO for Chiropractors?

When someone in your service areas enters ‘chiropractor’ in a search engine, is it your business that appears as the first result, or is it one of your competitors? Online traffic from search engines accounts for the majority of new visitors obtained through overall digital marketing strategies in the healthcare industry. If you are losing out on this organic method of traffic to the growing number of competitors arising in your market, then you will be forced to rely solely on referrals and word of mouth to secure new clients – leaving you highly unlikely to offset the damage done by COVID booking cancellations. By implementing a proven, customised SEO campaign designed specifically for chiropractors, you will be injecting a range of benefits into your business. These include:

  • SEO campaigns inform Google and other search engines that your chiro clinic is the perfect site to return as results to related search queries
  • By conducting intelligent, comprehensive keyword research, you can rank highly for both search terms including your direct branding, as well as your range of services
  • With the growing popularity of voice search, well-structured SEO can also help your business be found by a wider audience on more devices
  • After a short period of time to build the authority of your website and digital assets in the eyes of Google’s algorithm, you can soon earn larger amounts of organic traffic, vastly improving your return on investment
  • Modern SEO campaigns are built on a constant refinement of strategy, based on key insights and analytical reporting available from a variety of tools
  • Develop a deeper understanding of the expectations, pain points, and winning methods for your target audience to aid in your wider digital marketing strategies, including social media marketing and paid advertising

An SEO Agency Dedicated for Chiro Clients

Adapting your marketing strategy to include SEO campaigns is a must for any modern chiropractor. Outdated, broad solutions won’t be enough to generate the stream of new patients needed for your clinic to thrive; you need the right strategy tailored specifically towards what works in today’s competitive landscape if you want to achieve the benefits we have discussed.

With such a workload around content creation, technical alterations, consistent outreach and more, it can be difficult trying to navigate the world of SEO yourself – especially when there is a constantly evolving algorithm behind Google’s search engine that governs how search engine result pages appear! A single wrong move could mean your practice losing out on the new patients you need, who instead make bookings through those who invested with an SEO agency dedicated to helping chiropractors.

The number of keywords on page 1 has doubled from 10 to 20 in just four months. Since SEO has been incorporated into the marketing plan, traffic to the site has increased to 73.9% (from 21%) and search visibility from 5.06% to 29.02%. – JOST AUSTRALIA

Need More Information to Answer, ‘What is SEO for Chiropractors?

The specialist SEO technicians at Balmer Agency can assist in developing the winning, AHPRA compliant content and technical modifications that promote larger brand awareness, website engagement, and repeat conversions for new patients through comprehensive SEO campaigns. For more information, contact us today by 9417 7367 or leaving your information on our brief online enquiry form.


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    Jessica Campbell, National Relationship Manager, Far East Consortium

    FEC has been working with Balmer for 6-months and the results have been well above our expectations. We have increased our social media audience by 74%, website traffic by 183.15% and achieved an avg. of 92 enquires per month.
    We absolutely see Balmer as an extension of our marketing team!

    Matt Sampson, Founder & Director, uTenant

    I reached out to Balmer Agency to launch my new business venture, and they have been instrumental in launching and marketing uTenant. I have felt as though their team is part of my own team, as they are great collaborators, seamlessly sharing their knowledge and marketing expertise for uTenant exactly as I envisaged. I would highly recommend Balmer Agency to anyone wanting marketing and communications services with friendly support and professional advice.

    Peter Anderson, CEO, Victorian Transport Association

    Balmer Agency have been our trusted online advisors for over three years, providing high quality consulting services and operational solutions in a time when our organisation experienced rapid change and growth. The Balmer team provides dedicated support on our digital marketing requirements.

    James Mackie, MD, JOST Australia

    Balmer Agency has helped us implement marketing initiatives that have transformed a number of our business processes, delivering efficiencies across the board. The team have been easy and fun to work with, and their assistance in localising our global marketing assets to support our region has been invaluable. We look forward to a continued partnership with them.

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    Luke Sartori, Owner, Jetport Airport Parking

    We enlisted Balmer Agency to help leverage social media platforms to increase bookings, build brand awareness and our online footprint. They are easy to work with and deliver great results.

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    Richard Coloretti, CEO, Edgewise Insurance Brokers P/L

    Partnering with Balmer has been a seamless process. Their approach is consultative and transparent and we appreciate their ROI driven approach – particularly given our results!


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