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Looking to grow your brand’s presence in the Chinese market? Why not start with China’s largest microblogging platform, Sina Weibo. Our Weibo marketing and advertising services are designed to help businesses reach and engage with target audiences on the platform.


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What is Weibo?

Weibo is the largest micro-blogging platform in China and the social media platform with the second highest number of active users (after WeChat). It is often compared to Western platforms like Twitter and Facebook and possesses many similar features including newsfeed posts, ‘trending’ lists, stories, livestreaming and more. However, the platform has further diversified in recent years including a ‘game centre’, Weibo Fit, and Weibo wallet. Brands can build brand awareness on the platform by creating and posting content or engaging KOLs to posts brand related content. There are also a wide variety of ad placements within Weibo that can be utilised to grab the attention of your target audience.

Our Weibo marketing and advertising services

Balmer Agency’s Weibo marketing and advertising services include media buying across the platforms range of ad placements, engaging KOLs, and keyword sponsorship to help your content rank high on the platforms’ search results. See below for our full list of Weibo services.

  • Newsfeed ad placements including image, video, carousel and 360-degree image banners
  • Product display post
  • Comment page banner
  • Mobile-only welcome ad
  • Search keyword sponsorship
  • Article creation and posting
  • Lead gen form
  • KOL advertising – posts, live streaming etc

Media Planning & Buying

Choosing the right ad placements and KOLs to disseminate your brand message are crucial to achieving campaign success. As an experienced Weibo marketing agency, we can help you identify and purchase the placements that get your brand seen by the right people, at the right times. We also have an extensive network of KOLs, ranging from niche blogs to major news sites and influencers, that can help get word out about your business. We look after media buying and planning throughout your campaign so you can rest assured that you’ll get the optimum exposure for every dollar spent.

Content Creation & Translation

Creating and sharing compelling content on Weibo is a great way to win the attention and trust of Chinese audiences. At Balmer Agency, we can help develop a Weibo content strategy that resonates with your target audience. If language is a barrier to reaching your desired audience, our English-to-Chinese translation services can help get your message across efficiently and accurately.


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