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The multi-dimensional and functional nature of Chinese Social Media Platforms can make it difficult to navigate the overwhelming selection of paid and organic marketing opportunities, whether operating directly from mainland China or Melbourne and Sydney. Balmer Agency understands what it takes to reach Chinese communities and has the expertise and resources to make it happen. Taking into account everything from the ever-evolving user behaviours to industry specific trends, we will point you in the right direction and create a social media marketing campaign tailored to your business goals.

WHY WeChat?

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What is WeChat?

With over 1.2 billion users worldwide, WeChat is used widely by Chinese audiences locally here in Melbourne, Sydney, wider Australia, and abroad. But what exactly is WeChat? WeChat is an app unlike any other. It’s a social media platform, a messaging app, an e-wallet, and an e-commerce platform. Its addition of ‘mini programs’ expands its functions even more, allowing account holders to build their own apps within the platform from games, camera filters, interactive stores, and much more. Businesses can use the platform to build brand awareness through posting engaging and informative content, rolling out well-placed ads, and creating unique brand experiences.

Our Melbourne based WeChat marketing and advertising services

Balmer Agency’s WeChat marketing and advertising services can help you leverage the features of the platform to meet your business goals. Our services include:

  • WeChat Official Account set up and verification
  • Development of a HTML5 interaction landing page
  • Moments (newsfeed) advertising
  • KOL in-article top or bottom banner
  • KOL article buyout
  • Content creation and translation
  • Online to offline integration

Content Creation & Translation

Build brand awareness by creating compelling content that resonates with Chinese communities. At Balmer Agency, we go to great lengths to fully understand your target audience, so that we can create WeChat articles that cut through the clutter. If language is a barrier to getting your brand seen and heard, our professional English-to-Chinese translation services will help you reach new audiences.

Media Planning & Buying

Getting your brand seen by the right people at the right time is crucial to achieving campaign success. As an experienced WeChat marketing agency,  we find the best media channels and placements to reach your target audience. With connections to KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) across Australia and China, we look after both media planning and buying throughout the course of your campaign.


WeChat makes available a wide-reaching platform where, through a WeChat Official Account, a variety of people and brands can promote their products, services, events and businesses. Similar to other social media platforms, any one of the 1.2 billion monthly WeChat users can follow these accounts to receive timely notifications of posts surrounding announcements and updates. For brands to stand out, they need to create and promote a range of creative content alongside promotions, loyalty programs and follower incentives.

Studies indicate Chinese demographics combine search engine results with KOL marketing when they are looking for advice/confirmation around a new product or service. This means they look to, and value, advice from the people in their community, bloggers, and influencers/celebrities. Assembling a strategy that includes KOL partnerships, content best practice, and moment ads, WeChat can be the ideal platform to spread brand awareness of your business.

The Chinese population spend more than a third of their time online using WeChat, so there is a lot of attention on the platform. But how to stand out? 

Begin by setting up your business profile on WeChat, and have your account verified as an ‘official account’. This will allow you to apply for the right to advertise on the platform, and once that is approved, the limits are endless. Organisations do battle to attract new followers via engagement with custom designed QR codes, HTML5 campaigns, microsites, mini programs, branded games, and many other trends, but the foundations start with strong marketing. Leveraging KOL marketing, consistently creating diverse, yet branded content that followers can engage with, and staying relevant with loyalty rewards is a sure-fire way to build your business’s presence on WeChat.

As with all social media channels, if you want to use advertising to obtain new clients, you need to attract interest to your accounts and begin with followers. Diversify your marketing strategy with creative content and KOL strategies, and then once you have a substantial following, you can convert these into clients through offering promotions, VIP cards, and other engaging material to convert.

The efficacy of any marketing campaign will always depend on the quality of its design and implementation, regardless of the platform. As WeChat holds such potential with a large mass of monthly active users, along with various advertising methods permitting businesses to target the ideal audiences for their product and services, a diversified marketing strategy aligned with a sound business model is in good stead on this platform. 

In short, yes – you can! WeChat offers a large range of possibilities to sell products and services using the platform. Promotional posts are the most common and easiest avenue to take, however WeChat also offer Moment ads, which allow brands to target users based on gender, location, consumption behaviour, and Account ads that appear at the bottom of a WeChat article (often with QR codes to attract new followers). It is also possible to open an online eCommerce store and link it to your official account, with easy payment options through WeChat Pay. 


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