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Chinese KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders)
Influencer Marketing

Create a platform to amplify your brand message

Engaging KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) can help amplify your brand message and build credibility for your brand online. KOLs can range from niche blogs, news sites, to internet celebrities, making it tricky to find the right KOL to represent your business. Balmer Agency’s KOL influencer marketing services can help you develop KOL marketing strategies across a range of Chinese digital platforms.

Why KOLs

What are KOLs?

KOLs also known as Key Opinion Leaders, are powerful digital accounts with the ability to influence opinions and sentiments online. KOLs can range from small niche blogs, local news sites, to internet personalities with large followings. There are a variety of ways that businesses can leverage KOLs including article buyouts (where KOLs write an article about your product or service), ad placements (where your ads appear on the KOL’s articles), and online events such as live streams. As an experienced KOL marketing agency, we can help you connect with Chinese key opinion leaders, along with key opinion leaders here in Australia.

WeChat KOL marketing

Get your brand noticed by incorporating KOL influencer marketing into your WeChat strategy. We can help you connect with relevant KOLs and leverage their audience through WeChat article buy outs and WeChat in-article ad placements. Our extensive network of KOLs includes Australian and Chinese influencers.

Weibo KOL marketing

Use KOLs to promote your brand across Weibo. Engage relevant KOLs to post newsfeed posts and articles about your product/service. You can even engage KOLs to host livestreamed events within the Weibo platform. Balmer Agency can help you develop a Weibo KOL strategy that best meets your business goals.

Other platforms

Our KOL marketing and advertising services aren’t limited to WeChat and Weibo. We can also connect you with KOLs to promote your brand across a range of Chinese digital platforms including:

  • Little Red Book
  • Douyin
  • Kuaishou
  • RED (Little Red Book)
  • Bilibili


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