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21 Mar: 5 TIPS for Choosing THE BEST Digital Marketing Agency

Before embarking on the journey to select the perfect digital marketing agency, it’s imperative to have a crystal-clear understanding of…

15 Mar: KOLs: Social Media’s 1 Best Tool

In today’s digital landscape, a Key Opinion Leader (KOLs) play a crucial role in brand promotion and consumer engagement on…

15 Mar: Master WeChat: Your #1 Guide To Chinese SOCIALS

What is WeChat you ask? Today we dive into the ultimate guide on mastering WeChat (Weixin), the powerhouse of social…


Sarah Balmer reflects on returning to work after baby no.3 and the highs and lows of running a business with three children under three.

08 Sep: Core web vitals. Sounds scary right? Fear not, here’s a quick rundown of Google’s new ranking metrics.

Offering a positive user experience should be a priority for any website, but did you know that user experience directly…

19 Aug: Mediaweek Profile: Sarah Balmer, founder and CEO, Balmer Agency

Balmer Agency founder and CEO, Sarah Balmer, speaks to Mediaweek about how the agency achieved success in spite of COVID-19.

05 Aug: How strong is your digital game? Use this new financial year to start your digital transformation.

A few things to keep in mind before you kick start you digital transformation.


Get a glimpse of our Senior Designer, Asorthi Dimachki’s colourful morning routine.


Here’s how our Account Executive, Esther Liu, starts her day.

06 May: Looking to take your business to Asia? Let the Government’s Export Market Development Grant (EMDG) get you there.

Looking to take your business to Asia? Leverage the Export Market Development Grant to get you there.

30 Apr: iOS 14.5 will affect the performance of Facebook ads. Make sure you’re prepared.

Here’s what you need to do to ensure your Facebook advertising campaigns aren’t affected by the latest iOS update.

23 Mar: 5 SEO tips for e-commerce websites in 2021

Here are our top SEO tips for ecommerce stores looking to increase site traffic and sales in 2021.

08 Mar: International Women’s Day 2021 – Women that inspire us

From sports stars, writers, fashion influencers, to activists, artists, lecturers and media moguls’, the Balmer Agency team share their stories of the women who inspire them.

24 Feb: The Top 5 E-Commerce Emails you should be using in your EDM campaign

Most e-commerce businesses are aware that email marketing is integral to their digital strategy. They’re just not sure how to implement their EDM campaigns cost-effectively. Here are our top five e-commerce emails you can use to increase your business growth.

12 Feb: Zodiac Matchmaker

At Balmer, we wanted to celebrate Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year (Lunar New Year), but we struggled to fit both holidays in our busy February calendar! Then we thought – what better way than to celebrate both holidays at once? As a team, we identified our unique Chinese Zodiac and sussed out our Zodiac compatibility to discover our “perfect” office match!

06 Jan: How to Use WeChat Marketing for Real Estate Businesses in 2021

Discover how the Chinese property market is leveraging WeChat for agents to attract new and lucrative real estate business.

23 Dec: 5 Social Media Tactics to Promote Your Next Event

Planning an upcoming event for your organisation? Having a comprehensive event marketing strategy can help attract attendees, drive ticket sales, and educate your audience about what they can expect to see and experience.

23 Dec: Social Media Trends Coming in 2021

Set your business up for success in 2021 by leveraging these social media trends we expect to see take shape in the new year.

11 Dec: Top 5 SEO writing tips for your business

  Where a business finds itself positioned on Google search result pages can make or break them. Today’s consumer culture…

01 Dec: What’s trending on Google? Leverage Google search insights for your business.

Google is our all-knowing, omnipresent friend. It holds the answers to a multitude of questions like, “where’s the Woolworths nearest…

25 Nov: Questions about Chinese Digital Media – You asked, we answered.

At Balmer Agency we help Australian businesses break into the Chinese market by leveraging an array of Chinese digital platforms,…

16 Sep: What You Need to Know About Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels is finally available in Australia (and 49 other countries), offering yet another format for brands and creators to…

11 May: How to become a thought leader and thrive

Once you achieve thought leader status in your field, your personal brand immediately gains a credibility boost. Any company or…

07 May: Does your Business need a Health Boost? Find out with this quick business health check.

Right now, the health of many businesses, big and small, are suffering with the devastating effects of COVID-19. Government restrictions…

27 Apr: 5 Email Marketing Strategies Geared For Lead Generation

One of the main reasons we include email marketing in our digital marketing strategies for so many of our clients…

16 Apr: 5 ways to drive social media engagement in 2020

If you know that your prospective buyers are on social media then you need to be too. But how can…

30 Mar: How To Optimise Your Website For Speed

Not only does a slow loading website provide for a poor user experience, it could also mean that your site…

12 Mar: Let’s Hope We All Don’t Get Bitten on the Bum. Coronavirus Toilet Paper Crisis – Cracking Campaigns of 2020.

Who doesn’t love a bit of toilet humour? We do and hope we’re not alone. And while we acknowledge that…

08 Mar: It’s International Women’s Day. Time to celebrate Aussie changemakers at every age. Here are our picks for 2020.

Happy International Women’s Day! As a female-led business, International Women’s Day (IWD) is always an important date in the Balmer…

25 Feb: WeChat for retailers. Three simple steps to success

WeChat. If you haven’t already heard all about it, now’s your chance to get familiar with China’s super app. But…

26 Mar: Grace Murphy Reflects on Gender Equality and HR in the Transport Industry

As a female led organisation, Balmer Agency is committed to empowering women in all roles, across all industries, to celebrate…

08 Mar: Balmer Agency on International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day (IWD), a day in the calendar that is gaining global traction in a time where equality is…

25 Oct: 7 Secrets to Unlocking the Power of LinkedIn for B2B Marketing

With LinkedIn’s 500 million members in 200 countries and access to 9+ million companies, the B2B social platform represents the biggest professional…

01 Jan: What Is Programmatic Advertising And How Can It Benefit Your Business?

From billboards on your drive to work and ads in your social media feed, to TV commercials, how many advertisements…


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