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Chinese Social Media: Huge Business Success In 2024

A comprehensive guide to leveraging Chinese social media platforms like WeChat, Douyin, and Xiaohongshu for business success, with insights on user engagement, advertising opportunities, and strategic marketing strategies.

A Chinese woman holding a smart phone projecting Chinese social media apps from the screen.Digital presence is critical in 2024, so leveraging the most popular Chinese social media for business success has become imperative for digital advertising, influencer marketing and scaling sales. With over 1.2 billion active Chinese social media users, and an average online time exceeding 5 hours daily, primarily on platforms like Weibo, Douyin, and WeChat, the Chinese Social scene is booming.

This can include Chinese social media influencers (kol’s), digital marketing, social commerce, brand value or community engagement. All on different platforms like youku, qq, qzone, bilibili and more. Resulting in Chinese social media marketing being overwhelming for businesses looking to enter the space. The following post breaks down 4 top Chinese social media apps that are pivotal in 2024 to be across for your Western marketing strategy.

Understanding The Chinese Social Media Platforms

Knowing where to start on Chinese Social Media can seem overwhelming. But each platform or Chinese app serves it’s own social purpose, has unique features and tools and differing audiences. Each of which can be targeted and focused on as part of your marketing strategy if understood and identified correctly. Let’s break down some of the benefits of these Chinese Social Apps:

Chinese Social Media app WeChat as a phone iconWeChat: The Super App

User Engagement and Advertising on WeChat:

WeChat, with its impressive 1.26 billion monthly active users as of 2023, is not just a social networking tool but a critical platform for digital marketing and e-commerce in China. Resulting in Chinese social media like Facebook, WhatsApp, and PayPal, making it a versatile tool for both social interactions and business transactions. These integrations are pivotal for brands wanting cross-border e-commerce functions, where traditional email newsletters have been replaced by WeChat Official Accounts, which are crucial for direct marketing and customer engagement aimed at Chinese consumers.

Mini Programs and Advertising Opportunities:

WeChat’s Mini Programs are particularly noteworthy, boasting 450 million daily active users by the end of 2023. These programs allow brands to create mini-applications within WeChat, offering a seamless user experience without the need to leave the app. This feature supports a variety of promotional goals, from boosting product sales to increasing app downloads, through diverse advertising models including CPC and CPM-based options. Additionally, the platform’s advertising ecosystem is robust. It features WeChat Moments Ads, Official Account Ads, and Video Account Ads, each tailored to different strategic needs and audience engagements for Chinese-Australians.

Strategic Content and Community Building:

For effective WeChat marketing, high-quality, creative content that is visually appealing and engaging is essential. This content strategy should leverage storytelling to connect with users, with video posts performing best. Furthermore, WeChat facilitates community building and customer loyalty through features like Membership & VIP Coupons, and the WeChat CRM & Menu for Official Accounts, which enhance direct interactions with customers. Brands looking to maximize their ROI on this platform should consider consulting with professional teams to craft and execute their marketing strategies.

Chinese Social Media app Douyin logoDouyin (TikTok): Gen Z’s Favourite Chinese Social Media

Understanding Douyin’s User Base and Engagement:

Douyin Huoshan, known in the West as TikTok, is a powerhouse in the Chinese social media landscape, primarily engaging younger demographics such as Generation Z and millennials. With over 750 million active users, Douyin is not just another player among short video apps, it is a powerful platform for leisure and honest personalities. The platform’s unique algorithm enhances content visibility. prioritising authenticity with both English-language news and Chinese-language news as a pillar of the platform beyond its personality and fun side.

Key Strategies for Marketing on Douyin:

To effectively tap into Douyin’s extensive user base, businesses need to focus on creating high-quality, engaging content and following online trends that resonate with the audience. This involves:

1. Content Quality:

Ensuring that the content is not only engaging but is also tailored specifically to the interests and preferences of Chinese-Australianscatalogue.

2. Influencer Partnerships:

Collaborating with popular influencers on Douyin can amplify reach and authenticity, driving more engagement (as it does on most mobile apps).

3. Adaptation and Analytics:

Regular analysis of engagement metrics on Douyin is crucial. This data helps pivot to livestreaming, changing media habits in posting, and a strategy focused on community first.

Advertising Opportunities and Storefronts on Douyin:

Douyin offers a variety of advertising formats designed to meet diverse campaign goals, such as Brand Takeover Ads, Hashtag Challenges, and In-feed Ads. In March 2021, Douyin expanded its capabilities by launching flagship stores, allowing businesses to interact more directly with users through both digital and physical marketing activities. Setting up a flagship store involves creating a detailed brand profile, establishing a comprehensive product catalogue, and integrating payment systems to streamline the consumer experience.

Chinese Social Media app Weibo icon on a phone

Weibo: The Microblogging Giant

User Demographics and Platform Engagement

Weibo, a titan in the Chinese social media arena, boasts a staggering 605 million monthly active users, with a daily active user count of 222 million. This platform not only mimics the functionalities of Twitter and Facebook but also tailors its offerings to align with Chinese online behaviours and cultural nuances. A significant 80% of its user base is under the age of 30, making it a youthful and vibrant environment for digital interaction.

Marketing Strategies and Influencer Collaborations

Marketing on Weibo Chinese social media is highly dynamic, involving strategic partnerships with over one million influencers across 55 diverse categories. These collaborations with a kol or micro-influencers are crucial for dialing into China e-commerce natively. Additionally, the platform offers a variety of paid advertising options such as Fan Headlines, Fan Tunnel, and Fan Connect Ads, which are essential tools for increasing visibility and engagement. Effective campaigns often leverage these features alongside creative content that resonates with the community, especially during festivals or through interactive contests.

Revenue Streams and Advertising Costs

Weibo’s financial success is largely driven by its robust advertising model, generating approximately $1.69 billion annually. For brands looking to engage with this lucrative platform, the initial investment includes a brand promotion deposit fee typically starting at $1,499. This investment opens the door to various advertising opportunities designed to maximize reach and impact, ensuring that businesses can effectively connect with their target audience and achieve substantial returns on their marketing expenditures with Chinese consumers.

Chinese Social Media app Xiaohongshu on a phone screen

Little Red Book (Xiaohongshu): Purchasing Power on Chinese Social Media

China’s Instagram Alternative:

Xiaohongshu has evolved into a pivotal platform for influencing purchasing decisions, particularly among its predominantly young and female user base. With 450 million users, the platform thrives on user-generated content that blends seamlessly with e-commerce. Xiaohongshu allows livestreaming, and users to post photos and videos, focusing on reviews and recommendations in e-commerce. This integration of Chinese social media with online shopping has established Xiaohongshu as a trusted source for product discoveries and trends, particularly in domains like beauty, fashion, and lifestyle above all else.

Unique Feature:

Note-Based Selling, enables brands to link their products directly within user posts, creating a subtle yet effective method of advertising. This is complemented by the Planting Grass Value or Trust Interest metric, which helps brands optimize their promotional strategies to achieve higher conversion rates. Moreover, Xiaohongshu’s livestreaming division, featuring popular KOLs like Donjie and Zhang Xiaohui, offers distinct marketing opportunities that differentiate it from other platforms.

Influencer Home:

Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) on Xiaohongshu play a crucial role in shaping consumer behaviour, with their endorsements being the primary reason users visit the app. This influence is backed by a robust advertising model where 80% of the platform’s revenue comes from ad formats, and the remaining 20% from e-commerce features, demonstrating the significant impact of integrated marketing strategies on this platform.


Understanding Chinese social media platforms and Chinese consumers, from WeChat’s comprehensive ecosystem to Douyin’s engagement strategies and Sina Weibo’s influential marketing capabilities, underscores the immense potential these platforms hold for brands aiming to explode in the Chinese market. Don’t be afraid to broaden business horizons through other platforms like Renren, Meipai, Zhihu, Kuaishou, Kugou, Kuwo and more, once comfortable in the space. Combining Western & Eastern media usage is the single most diverse, powerful and underutilised method in a toolkit that will open doors that competitors didn’t know existed.

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