Top 5 E-Commerce Emails You Should Be Using in Your EDM campaign

The Top 5 E-Commerce Emails you should be using in your EDM campaign

Electronic Direct Marketing (EDMs) has been given a bad rap in recent times, due to online businesses exploiting and spamming their subscribers. During the pandemic, email marketing increased by 45%  as companies began taking advantage of their users staying home. Despite pushback from some untrusting consumers, the good news for businesses is that e-commerce orders tripled. Most e-commerce businesses are aware that email marketing is integral to their digital strategy. They’re just not sure how to implement their EDM campaigns cost-effectively. Here are our top five e-commerce emails you can use to increase your business growth.  

1. You Almost Missed Us: The Abandoned Cart Email

For e-commerce marketers (or anyone with an online store), it’s all about reducing cart abandonment by sending ‘re-engagement emails. If a customer has added a product to their cart, they are more than just interested in your product. It’s your job to turn consumers around as quickly as possible and convince them to close the sale. Top reasons for cart abandonment include complicated or time-consuming check out (e.g., forced account creation), security concerns, inadequate return policy, slow delivery and more. Automated reply emails (to abandoned cart owners) can catch any potential sales. Avoid irritating customers and use interesting insights or humorous content to reel them back in.

2. Do You Want a Coke with That? The Upsell Email

One of the best ways to increase your Return on Investment (ROI) (and your client-data base) is by automating your EDMs to target consumers directly after they purchase with a clever upsell email. Market new products that match or compliment a customer’s sale history and provide customers with discounts and coupons to motivate repeat purchases. For service-based companies, reminding consumers about their progress (e.g. in a course), personalising emails based on their goals and ensuring seamless upgrade packages will boost purchase momentum.

3. We know you’re super busy, but: The Subscription Email  

Most of us get a lot of spam email so it’s important we make customers feel appreciated for their customer loyalty. After all, they have agreed to receive numerous emails from your company. A simple (and genuine) thank you email or some witty copy about annoying subscription services can work. Other successful thank you emails have used compliments, incentives and education (around a product or service) to improve engagement and customer retention.

4. You Made Our Day: The Purchase Thank you Email

If customers have purchased a product from your business, it means they believe in your product and company. Thanking customers for their time goes a long way when it comes to developing long-term relationships with customers. It is an important step in the customer journey as it makes customers feel appreciated for their time. Again, coupons or discounts are a good way to encourage future purchases.  

5. The Best Parts of 2020: The Brand Email

Even when customers have not purchased from your company, there are plenty of opportunities you can take advantage of to increase brand loyalty and trust. Service updates and company achievements such as industry awards, events or writing about a business’s ‘Top 10 Moments’ are an authentic way to increase engagement without using a hard sell.

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