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Social Media Trends Coming in 2021

If a website is the storefront to your business, then its’ social media page is everyone (including the business owner) conversing inside it. It’s that simple – social media is the essential avenue to develop customer experience and relationships that used to be wholly owned by brick-and-mortar stores. The COVID-19 pandemic sent a great portion of the world into lockdown, and the only escape for human connection was online, with social media usage skyrocketing. Businesses looking to offset some of the lost revenue throughout 2020 can redirect efforts towards targeted social media marketing tactics and creative, online experiences to build brand awareness, engagement, and eventually conversions and loyalty.

To do this successfully, businesses need to stop, sit back, and listen to understand what’s coming. Well, Balmer Agency has already done this and explores below the social media trends to expect in 2021.

Social Media is the Platform for the Socially Conscious

Certain elements of puffery are expected in any form of marketing, but with dramatic events occurring in recent years, social media has left audiences more savvy about the brands around them, and they are starting to act. Generations Z and Alpha have always known social media, and they are set to inherit a world in need of aid. So, they use their platforms within a socially conscious lens, trending to favour companies making efforts to discuss mental health, social justice, inclusivity, climate change and so forth. Brands must own transparency, authenticity, and even own up to their own vulnerability to thrive in the modern world. It won’t even be a differentiator anymore – it’ll be a prerequisite for staving off obsoletion.

Nostalgia is 2021’s Goldmine

Television and films are seeing reboots of old favourites; music is remixing the classics; fashion is taking inspiration from styles thought long gone. In a world of pandemics, melting ecosystems, and political unrest, can we really blame anyone for wanting to relive their childhood – when it was safe? Well, marketers have twigged onto this potential goldmine and are leveraging emotions of the good old days to promote their products and services. Tying a sentimental element to what you’re selling – even if the product wasn’t around back in the late ‘90s – is enough for audiences to form an attachment. People want to connect with what they know is good to distract them from the bad. Brand consistency across Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and other social platforms will cement this impression of your brand in the minds of target audiences.

Social Media is Already Loving Remixed User Generated Content

User generated content (UGC) has been a successful marketing tool for a while – getting satisfied customers to create gushing content promoting your product or services, and either tagging your brand’s official account, or posting it yourself. Now, it has become increasingly popular for users to apply templates or features on apps like TikTok to revamp, remix and reuse existing praise again. It provides social media account owners to generate more content, quickly, and with more authority to people looking to validate a brand.

If you need to refresh your social media strategy this year, or just want to chat more about opportunities for your business, reach out to our team of specialists who are ready to get your brand noticed in 2021.