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WeChat for retailers. Three simple steps to success

WeChat. If you haven’t already heard all about it, now’s your chance to get familiar with China’s super app. But what exactly is it? The short answer is that it’s Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Google, and an e-commerce platform, all rolled into one. With over 1 billion daily active users globally, it provides endless opportunities to reach new audiences and grow your business. And it’s not just limited to China, WeChat is also widely used throughout the Asia-Pacific region, with almost 3 million monthly active users right here in Australia. Need more convincing? Here are a few ways WeChat can benefit your business.

1. Make shopping social

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How can you benefit?
Grow brand awareness through organic sharing and KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders)*

Why is this important?
Social Shopping is a growing trend as consumers turn to social media platforms to discover products, read customer reviews and make purchases. This is especially relevant if you are looking to tap into the Chinese market both overseas and here in Australia. In fact, 60% of Chinese consumers say they use social media platforms to research products before making the decision to purchase.

How can you achieve this on WeChat?
WeChat’s direct chat function makes it the ideal platform for social shopping. Users can directly share content such as articles, or mini programs* with their contacts. Once you have set up your WeChat official account*, you can start producing valuable content that your audience will want to read and share with their friends and families. Alternatively, you can engage KOLs to spread awareness of your product, by paid articles or posts (much like bloggers and Instagram influencers). Just ensure that your KOL of choice has influence within your target audience demographic and is aligned with your business’ values and image.

2. Improve customer experience and guide them towards purchase

How can you benefit?
Provide a seamless customer journey from start to finish with WeChat mini programs.*

Why is this important?
Once customers are done browsing and researching your products, they will hopefully want to make a purchase. WeChat is its own ecosystem, allowing you to provide a seamless customer journey without having to direct customers to an external site or app. A streamlined customer journey will reduce drop off rates and result in more purchasers and more profit for your business.

How can you achieve this on WeChat?
Create a micro e-commerce site in the form of a mini program, that can be easily discovered through WeChat ads*, organic sharing, WeChat shake* along with both online and offline QR codes*. Mini programs also allow you to create unique and personalised shopping experiences through branded games, camera filters, or even offering the option to customise purchases.

3. Online/offline activation

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How can you benefit?
Target audiences based on location and enhance offline shopping experiences.

Why is this important?
Get noticed by integrating online features into your offline event activation plan. Use WeChat’s location-based targeting options to offer users promotions, deals, and services for special events. It’ll also help to win the attention of the younger tech savvy generations.

How can you achieve this on WeChat?
There are several ways you can integrate WeChat into your offline events. A simple solution is to incorporate a custom QR Code* into your store signage. Once customers scan the code using the WeChat app, they’ll be directed to a mini program where they can access more information about the event, along with available promotions.

These are just a few ways you can use WeChat to grow your business and create unique shopping experiences both online and offline. Want to know more? We can help. Get in touch today and begin your WeChat journey.

WeChat 101 Glossary

*KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) – The Chinese Social Media Influencer. They can be individuals (think famous bloggers or Instagram influencers), or they can be publications that have authority within a certain field (think Forbes or Business Insider). Balmer Agency has access to a comprehensive network of KOLs, so we can help find the right ambassador for your business.

*Mini Programs – The key feature that makes WeChat so powerful. Mini programs are like mini apps within the WeChat platform. Built using a special code developed by Tencent (creators of WeChat), they can be anything from games to micro sites, as well as functional applications like translators or maps. Find out more about mini programs here.

*Official Accounts – Different from personal WeChat accounts, an official account is the equivalent of a verified profile, usually used by businesses, key influencers or celebrities. There are a few different types of official accounts suited to different business goals so make sure you pick the correct type official account for your business. You will also have to submit an application to set up an official account.

*WeChat Ads –There are a variety of ad placements on WeChat ranging from ‘feed ads’ to ‘in article banner ads.’ Balmer Agency’s WeChat media buying services can help you select and purchase the best ad placements to meet your marketing objectives.

*WeChat Shake – A discovery function on WeChat. When the user shakes their phone with the app open, they will be able to find WeChat mini programs in their area.

*QR Codes – A scannable barcode. Once scanned with WeChat’s scan function, it will direct users to the brand’s relevant landing page or mini program.

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