Grace Murphy On Gender Equality In The Transport Industry

Grace Murphy Reflects on Gender Equality and HR in the Transport Industry

As a female led organisation, Balmer Agency is committed to empowering women in all roles, across all industries, to celebrate achievements and bring to light the challenges that women still face. Over the years, we have been blessed with opportunities to work with strong, smart, empowered women, who have inspired us time and time again.

In light of International Women’s Day 2019, we had the chance to ask Grace Murphy, HR Manager at JOST Australia, about her career journey thus far, her inspirations and her advice for other women trying to enter the transport industry.

Grace Murphy, HR Manager at JOST Australia

Transport Industry

International Women’s day is a day that we can come together to acknowledge our journey in society and celebrate the contributions women make to the community. As a woman in the transport Industry, I presume that my day-to-day life is not too different from that of women in any other industry.

In my role as a HR Manager, I deal with problems that are universal- people and people’s issues. Throughout my career, I have witnessed positive change in both my field of HR, as well as the role of women within the industry.

When I first started out in the industry, I was confronted by the fact that HR and all its functions were not taken seriously. When faced with such challenges, I couldn’t help but think about my mother.

She migrated to Australia from Europe at a young age and braved the challenges of navigating a new world all on her own. As daunting as it might have been for her and all the women like her, they adjusted to their new life, contributed to their communities, and nurtured their families to be pillars of society. To this day, her strength and resilience in the face of hardship inspires me to keep going and do my best in life and work.

Over the years, it has been most rewarding to see a shift in attitude within the industry and even in the government. HR and safety have risen to the forefront of people’s minds, and become second nature. It is safe to say that witnessing such a change has been one of the major highlights of my career.

The transport industry is still for the most part, male dominated. However, it has been encouraging to see that leaders in the industry are increasingly recruiting women to take on a variety of roles.

Moving forward, I think that it is important for women to play a part in the industry and for those looking to enter the industry to focus on supporting one another as it does no good to tear each other down. My words would be to show your worth and progress through merit.

That said it is everyone’s responsibility to work towards gender equality. The responsibility to eliminate sexism falls on both men and women in the workplace, and we should all collectively eliminate attitudes that encourage gender divide. I believe that both genders can do any job equally as well as each other.

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