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Balmer Agency on International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day (IWD), a day in the calendar that is gaining global traction in a time where equality is at the forefront of everyone’s agenda. The day recognises women’s achievements, in relation to social, economical, cultural and political goals and allows women to set new targets for the future.

As a female led organisation, Balmer Agency celebrates women’s achievements every day. IWD gave the team at Balmer a chance to sit down and put ‘pen to paper’ on International Women’s Day and outline what it means to them.

Sarah Balmer, MD

Managing Director of Balmer Agency, Sarah Balmer

“It’s a celebration of Mothers, sisters, friends, peers, colleagues and mentors. It’s acknowledging everything women do for others at work, at home and in their personal lives – this day is for them.

I’ve had a very diverse career, locally and globally, but my career highlight has been starting Balmer Agency. Balmer is a digital and traditional marketing agency operating across a range of industries. With four years at the helm, I cannot wait to see what the future holds for Balmer Agency.

I have been lucky enough to learn from some impressive mentors, but it goes without saying, that my Mum, a nurse with four daughters, has taught me everything I apply to my life today. My Mum has been a true champion of females in the workplace and I am fortunate to have always been surrounded by her strong philosophy on this.

With my own Mum being the perfect role model for working Mums, I now truly understand the balance that it requires. Between trying to be the best Mum to my five month old, partner and full time career woman, it is a juggling act! Owning my own agency requires applying more of my juggling skills, as it’s a hybrid of providing support to the team, growing the business, making sure our clients are happy with the (positive!) results they are achieving and continuing to build upon our long lasting working relationships. As someone who is focused on going over and above in all facets of my life, being a new Mum has added an interesting dynamic to this goal (one that I am very thankful for!)

To young women entering the workforce in 2019, I would say, If you work hard, you can do anything!”

Nicole Wilson, Digital Strategist

Digital Strategist at Balmer Agency, Nicole Wilson

“For me, International Women’s Day is about celebrating women, as well as having constructive dialogue around the challenges we face both professionally and in our everyday lives”.

Emmaline Raggatt, Account Executive

Account Executive at Balmer Agency, Emmaline Raggatt

International Women’s Day. A day to thank and acknowledge the people (men and women) who support and encourage equality whilst knowing we’ve still got a long way to go.

This is a day I reflect on who my grandmother is. She pioneered equality in the early 60’s and still does to this day. Kathleen and her husband Paul grew a printing company from the ground up. Kathleen made sure that women were remunerated to the same level as their male counterparts and presented them with equal opportunities for career growth. In a male dominated industry my grandmother held the same position as my grandfather and helped to grow a company that had over 300 employees.

Here’s to strong women. May we know them. May we be surrounded by them. May we be them and may we raise them”.

Sarah Leong, Account Coordinator

Account Coordinator at Balmer Agency, Sarah Leong

“International Women’s Day is a day when we can collectively express our commitment to empower and uplift women all around the world and begin the necessary dialogues to address the variety of challenges women face”.

Kate Phillips, Account Coordinator

Account Coordinator at Balmer Agency, Kate Phillips

“International Women’s Day is to celebrates and acknowledge women’s achievements. It is a day to empower, encourage, thank and applaud the people who support equality and as act role models. It is a day for reflecting and being grateful for the opportunities we are given, while acknowledging the hurdles we still face”.

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