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Sarah is the principal at Balmer Agency and has a huge range of knowledge on the latest marketing tools and tactics, as well as tried and tested know-how about traditional marketing tips and techniques.

The Google Speed Update: Web Page Speed To Become a Factor in SEO Rankings

In the digital age, it simply doesn’t cut it to just have a […]

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The Benefits of Social Media abound for B2B Companies. Have you tapped in yet?

Social Media may on first inspection look like the glittering land of B2C […]

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Programmatic Advertising: What is it And How Can it Benefit Your Business?

What’s the solution for businesses trying to get noticed in a competitive market? […]

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Big Data is Your Company’s Growth Currency

Having data about your customers is one thing, but how you use that […]

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Company Data is Today’s Growth Currency

Customer retention is both a science and an art, but your company’s data […]

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Top 5 Ways to Grow Your Business with CRM

The success of any business relies heavily on how well the organisation knows […]

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Digital Transformation is Business Transformation: Let Marketing Lead the Way

Digital transformation is currently something of a buzzword in the business world, but […]

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Marketing and personalisation


A new study from Jon Cifuentes — in which he studied a broad […]

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Content marketing explained

Consumers have shut off the traditional world of marketing. We skip ads and […]

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Mobile use growing with no sign of slowing

If you don’t have a mobile site for your business you are going […]

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